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16' Tall Pipe and Drape heavy duty Backdrop Stand

  • 780.00

Aluminum Alloy and Iron

Heavy Duty and Scalable

Upright: extendible from 9 feet to 16.4 feet tall

Crossbar: adjustable to 6 feet or 8 feet or 10 feet long

Use included valance hangers for double crossbars


One complete set includes:

3 X (vertical) Uprights with pins, and

4 X (horizontal) Crossbars, and

3 X Valance Hangers, and

3 X Square Bases


If sold separately:

Each (vertical) Upright with Pin is $109.99

Each (horizontal) Pair of Crossbar is $109.99

Each Square Base is $89.99

pin $19.99 each 1.75" in diameter


Valance Hangers are $9.99 per PIECE

If buying 4 Crossbars, then 3 Valance hangers would be included (to make 2 connecting segments of double crossbars)


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